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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

Testimonials - What Our Clients Say
Tax Planning, Shelters & Income Integration

Tax Planning, Shelters & Income Integration

Ever feel like you’re paying too much tax?


Successful people often comment to us… we are paying too much taxes.  What they don’t know is that it can get worse later in life (and death) if not properly planned for today.  We do indeed, have a complex tax system here in Canada which makes careful tax planning essential for everyone. Through careful planning and pro-activity, the tax losses can be greatly reduced. Consideration must be given to marginal tax rates, available credits, income tested benefits and claw-backs, and the different tax attributes of the assets that form your estate.

With expertise in tax planning and the development of income integration strategies, our team at Lighthouse Wealth can partner with you and your accountants to help you understand your unique tax considerations and options and to develop a custom tailored plan to help you manage and minimize the tax burden realized over your life.

After all, it’s not what you make, but what you keep that determines your lifestyle potential.