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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

Testimonials - What Our Clients Say


We are proud to have access to some high quality professionals that we can draw on to assist with advanced tax planning concerns. When needed, we are able to draw on a variety of individuals to assist us in the development of integrated tax strategies. We are proud to be able to access a brilliant mind on our clients behalf.

Dan Slattery, CPA, CA, TEP
Tax and Estate Planning Consultant – Great West Life/London Life

Dan began his career with KPMG LLP, where he worked actively as a tax professional from 1988 to 1996. In 1996, Dan made the move to work with Metropolitan Life as their manager of advanced markets, helping to develop advanced tax planning strategies that made use of the unique tax characteristics of life insurance products. Two years later, Dan was given the opportunity to become part of the Tax and Estate Planning team at London Life/Great West Life where he remains today. Dan is an expert in the specific requirements and tax considerations of advanced estate planning strategies and corporate asset extraction strategies. Dan works with a select group of advisors providing support where needed in advanced planning cases.

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