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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

Testimonials - What Our Clients Say
Mortgages & Lending

Mortgages & Lending

London Life has been in the mortgage lending business for more than 135 years. Financing a home may be the biggest financial decision you ever make. Use our expertise to your advantage—we’ll help you make the right decisions.

They offer a wide variety of mortgages at competitive rates to meet your needs.

Variable Rate Mortgage

Variable rate mortgages give you the convenience of a fixed payment with the potential to reduce your mortgage balance faster and, as a result, reduce your interest costs. A variable rate mortgage is appealing if you want to take advantage of changing interest rates.

There are different types of variable rate mortgages, but in general, when interest rates fall, more of the mortgage payment is directed to the mortgage principal. When interest rates rise, less of the fixed payment reduces the principal and more goes to pay interest.

Lock and Roll Mortgage

Lock and Roll Mortgage gives you the benefits of a short-term mortgage rate without the worry of having to negotiate rate discounts each time you renew. The 5-year closed-term lock and roll mortgage adjusts every 6 months to the prevailing 6-month closed-term mortgage rate less a pre-established discount.

The amount of the mortgage payment applied to interest could change as many as 10 times throughout the 5-year term.

Adjustable Rate – Adjustable Payment Mortgage

Adjustable Rate-Adjustable Payment Mortgage is ideal if you want to maximize your cash flow—it offers our lowest available mortgage payment. The interest rate and payment are adjusted on the first day of each monthbased on our mortgage prime rate and the remaining amortization period of your mortgage. This lowers your mortgage payments so you can use your extra cash for other purposes.


The Solutions Banking All-in-One is a line of credit that provides a mortgage financing solution. The features include a transaction account, a source of funds for investment and a savings account all rolled into one. By combining your loans with your savings, the All-in-One is a smarter way to build wealth and manage your daily banking needs.

The All-in-One uses the equity in your home to help you build wealth faster. It can make your money works harder and help you reduce debt faster and save money on interest charges because the All-in-One combines debts, savings and your income deposits.

Conventional Mortgage

Under a conventional mortgage, they normally provide up to 80% of the appraised value or purchase price of your property, whichever is less. You must be able to provide up to 20% of the financing on your own.

High-Ratio or Insured Mortgage

They may finance up to 95% of appraised value or purchase price of your property, whichever is less. This type of mortgage must, by law, be insured against non-payment by companies like Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation or Genworth Financial Canada.

Open vs. Closed Mortgage

Open mortgage is one that lets you make additional payments, in part or in full at any time. Their open-term mortgages help you pay off as much of your mortgage as you want, whenever you want, without penalty. Open mortgages are available in six-month and one-year terms.

Closed mortgage locks you into a specific payment schedule. You can take advantage of their highly competitive prepayment privileges if you want to pay off your mortgage over a shorter period of time. Their closed mortgages are available in 6-month, and 1-to-5, 7- and 10-year terms.

Convertible Mortgage

Convertible mortgage lets you convert your mortgage to a closed mortgage at any time without penalty. When you convert, the converted mortgage must be renewed for a 1-year closed term or longer. They offer a 6-month and a 1-year convertible mortgage.