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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

Testimonials - What Our Clients Say


I have been dealing with Dave Sharp since 2004 and I can’t begin to describe how Dave goes above and beyond his duties as my Certified Financial Planner. Prior to Dave’s introduction to our home, we had some communication with our previous advisory team but it was very limited and our goals were not clearly established.

Since then, Dave has worked hard on our behalf. I like where we are going. Dave shows up on time for our appointments, and if I call him to set up a meeting, he always schedules a visit with me in a timely manner.

Dave is not pushy at all, and listens to my needs and wants.

I am always kept informed by Dave, and enjoy attending the free seminars and information sessions he puts on for his clients and the community.

Dave has a friendly and warm personality, and often holds get togethers such as Christmas

Parties, BBQs, and Open Houses as a thank you to his clients and friends.  All of these things, plus the time he spends volunteering in the community, make Dave Sharp a top notch agent in my books.

– Glen


I have known Dave Sharp since November, 1993 when he first knocked on our door as the new London life insurance salesman in town.

Since that time, I have seen him expand into a mature advisor and friend. Dave has taken many courses to qualify himself as a financial planner thus enabling him to add that title (CFP) to his signature along with others, such as his Elder Planning Counselor (EPC).

Dave has a good integrity along with an earnest interest in our financial welfare.  He has slowly become my only adviser.  I have watched him build his business here in Brighton; then expand to Campbellford and to Peterborough.  Obviously others appreciated the same treatment as I do, as seen by the continued growth in his practice.

I used to control my own finances and would worry if I was doing the right thing. Since turning the bulk of my financial affairs over to Dave and being a low risk investor, my wife & myself are satisfied with our returns.  And now, we let him do the worrying for us!

For those who are looking for what I consider a great FINANCIAL PLANNER Dave Sharp is your man!

 – Gord


I want to offer these comments on Dave Sharp and his team at Lighthouse Wealth Management from the perspective from one that has been a widow since 2005.

For most of the first year after my husband’s death, I dealt with my bank, but found that I was just a number, and my return on what I had invested with them, was very minimal. During that time, I received minimal direction or communication.

A year later, and after talking with other potential advisors, I met Dave and we talked at length about my financial future.  It was then, I decided to put my trust in Dave and his firm.

Dave discussed in detail what type of investments my money would be put into to give me reasonable returns within my risk tolerance.  I could see that it was important to Dave to have me feel comfortable.

I was surprised and pleased to see that when the market fluctuated, that I always received some form of communication from Dave informing me on what to expect… that was appreciated..

At my 1st anniversary with dealing with Dave, we had a meeting to make sure we were both on the same page and to discuss with me, changes he thought would benefit me in the long term.  He was very instrumental in setting up my personal tax reduction strategies.  Just by realigning my assets, I now realize considerable tax savings every year.

When we discussed where and how much money should go into my financial plan, Dave always spoke in layman terms, and made sure I understood exactly what we were doing.

Since I have switched to Lighthouse, my investments have increased, and I am very satisfied with the estate plans we have put into place.  The personal touch I receive takes the worry off of my shoulders, and onto a knowledgeable, competent, caring and friendly man, Dave Sharp.

– Sue